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Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that handles logic and workflow so developers can focus on building beautiful user interfaces. If you want to implement a Javascript single page application in the simplest manner and on a budget, Vue is a go-to tool.

Vue is lightweight and modular so you can integrate interactive components into an existing system. For Stites & Harbison, we extended its Craft CMS framework to create site global variables and enhance interactions. We used Vue.js to create the interface for a custom content management system we developed to enable a Fortune 1000 client to create custom mobile applications for its client base. You can make things even simpler by inserting elements into a static site piece-by-piece with Vue components.

Vue is easy to learn and has extensive documentation, but its user community is smaller compared to other frameworks. Another shortcoming is that it can be difficult to coordinate a project across a team of developers.


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