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We define DevOps as the care of everything between the application (e.g. your website) and the browser (the client), including the environments to run the applications. 

The value of DevOps increases with scale, whether in the form of traffic, complexity, risk or team size. Lack of attention to DevOps results in bottlenecks, inability to load the applications, a poor customer experience, and bandits able to hijack your application for nefarious use. 

Security is a particular point of emphasis in DevOps. Understanding where all the traffic is coming from is key to preventing a high-cost incident, and that understanding needs to cover all the layers between the browser and the core application code, and which tools to use to counter which threats. 

DevOps also optimizes development and deployment workflow, and if you’ve witnessed your team burn hours (or days / weeks / months) spent churning on “getting environments to work,” just imagine the return on not having that problem ever again. 

The DevOps toolkit is ever changing and can include:

How should you deploy (and budget for) these tools to fortify security, increase performance and turn the anguished coder cries of “I can’t get local working!” into a happily humming symphony of delighted developers? 

You contact us, of course, and we set up your systems and take care of it. 

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