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For the times when an off-the-shelf CMS won’t quite cut it, we’ve built custom ones from scratch to fit the specific needs of our clients.

There are many stakeholders to consider when building a content-driven site or application. End users care about the quality of published content, not what happens behind the scenes, while editors want to be able to build out content and the user experience without relying on a developer. Meeting these divergent needs is where CMSs, and Culture Foundry, excel.

The end goal of a CMS is to work humbly in the background to let its content shine. We believe in a content-driven approach while empowering our clients to use and edit their own site with confidence.

Sometimes you need something extra — a distinct look and feel or custom functionality — to elevate your content. We are capable of extending content management systems to build custom features such as:

  • Additional functionality for the administrators or editors.
  • Content modeling so that critical information is easy to enter or search.
  • Integration with a third party API, service or e-commerce partner.
  • Adding a front-end mini application or widget to help website users accomplish tasks more easily.
  • And sometimes it’s all of the above.

Our breadth of experience and technology-agnostic approach means that not only can we implement on many CMS platforms, we are also an invaluable resource to recommend and validate the choice of CMS early in the development process.

Learn more about our expertise in different CMSs at our technology toolbox page.

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