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We apply a powerful array of capabilities to build websites and web applications. Websites are primarily focused on content and are driven by a content management system (CMS). Web applications are typically more task-focused, rely on state (i.e. remembering a user’s place in the application) and are driven by an application framework. The line between these two categories is blurring, particularly as website requirements grow more complex.

Before unpacking any of these tools, it’s crucial to first have a clear sense of the “why” and the “how” that will drive your digital venture. What is the compelling core purpose at the center of the experience? How will this shine through design? Can we make the first release smaller (yes, smaller) in the interest of speed, budget, and preserving the widest range of options for v2 and beyond? Planning for the long-term evolution of your website or application is where we’re at our most agile. Add to this our technical depth — atypical of most agencies — and we have a unique ability to tackle the hard stuff while providing 24/7 support.

Our wide range of capabilities is what sets Culture Foundry apart:

Specific technologies in our toolkit include:

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