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Node.js is a technology that enables server-side application development with JavaScript. One of the most versatile technologies available in the dev toolkit, the possibilities with Node are endless!

One of the primary advantages of Node is scaling. It can be a back end server, power the front end, or render the server side of a single-page application (SPA). Node can also be used as middleware to relay between front end and server-side processes, or to gather and integrate data from multiple APIs.

Node enables data streaming and chunking. This feature is especially useful when building real-time applications that stream media content or process large files for download. Streaming helps regulate traffic in just one file, while chunking uploads a large file in pieces and then stitches them back together. Both methods are less bandwidth intense for the end user. We are currently using Node.js to help clients enable user authentication and scale media streaming capacities.

Our Node.js Crew

Collin Jensen Software Engineer

Collin Jensen

I’m a web developer committed to building a brighter, more meaningful future for all through powerful and engaging websites and…

Forrest Moulton

I am a father and husband first. A full stack engineer with a T in anything JS and a strong…

Neel Patel

Neel enjoys a great cupcake, an adventurous trip, and a good nap. Code is truth.

Niko Rosenberg surfing

Niko Rosenberg

I’m a creative web engineer, highly motivated by purpose-driven products and social good. I have six years experience in technical…

Zach Turner

Zach Turner

I am a developer and storyteller. When I’m not turning ideas into code, you can find me playing tennis, listening…

Our Node.js Clients

Belmont Stakes and NYRA

Belmont Stakes, NYRA + NYRA Bets Beauty, power and speed for the win! We teamed with the New York Racing Association to…

Split screen composite image or a smiling black woman on the left and a young mixed race girl with dark hair and bangs on the right, balancing a pencil between her nose and upper lip.

National Center for Women & Information Technology The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) works with change leader organizations of all sizes to…

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