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If your site is down, none of our other capabilities matter.

Our hosting and is built around three core concepts: Security, Reliability and Support. When you trust us to host your website, we take that trust seriously because we understand what is at stake. Some clients have needs that are best met on world-class, redundant cloud computing infrastructure while others have in-house expertise and want to run projects on their own hardware. Regardless of the size of your site or the complexity of your infrastructure, we can recommend the best hosting program to meet your needs.

What differentiates our hosting program?

Hosting (and the support that goes with it) are part of our DNA. For us, hosting is more than just running a website or web application — it’s the entire pipeline from writing code through deployment. This philosophy allows us to go above and beyond traditional hosting providers. If your site is down, we have the expertise to fix it regardless of whether it’s a code issue or a hosting-specific issue.

We’ve set up website hosting infrastructure for clients of every level, from startups still building a client base to established sites that handle a huge volume of visitors. We have years of experience hosting and managing the digital infrastructure for high-stakes events such as the Kentucky Derby (the most exciting two minutes in sports) and for 40+ newspaper websites on election night. 

Key Features of Our Web Hosting Programs

  1. Reliability and Support – We can support our clients 24/7/365. When issues arise, our monitoring service notifies our on-call support team immediately so that we can get issues resolved as soon as possible.
  2. Security and Platform Updates – Choosing one of our hosting plans means you no longer have to worry about updates. Culture Foundry will proactively monitor your site and run all platform updates, security patches, and plugin/module updates. For more on the importance of platform updates see Weeding Your Website: The Unglamorous but Essential Task of Regular Platform Updates.
  3. Scalability –  Perhaps you want a performance boost for a huge event on your website once a year, or need digital infrastructure that can keep up with your rapidly growing business. Whatever the case, we offer flexible hosting solutions as your website needs change.
  4. Disaster Recovery and Backups – We perform backups daily to keep your website’s information safe and always up-to-date.

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Our Hosting Crew

Hans Bjordahl

Hans Bjordahl

At Culture Foundry, I lead strategy, resourcing and light janitorial. Key ingredients: Hawaii birth certificate (producible on request),...

Laura Helms

Laura Helms

Born & raised in the Pacific Northwest. When I’m not at my computer, you’ll likely find me in...

Jory Goehle

Jory Hiner

I have an unwavering love for simplicity and a profound passion for people. To me, genuine kindness comes...

Collin Jensen Software Engineer

Collin Jensen

I’m a web developer committed to building a brighter, more meaningful future for all through powerful and engaging...

Forrest Moulton

I am a father and husband first. A full stack engineer with a T in anything JS and...

Neel Patel

Neel enjoys a great cupcake, an adventurous trip, and a good nap. Code is truth.

Zach Turner

Zach Turner

I am a developer and storyteller. When I’m not turning ideas into code, you can find me playing...

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