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If you’ve been responsible for a digital initiative that careened wildly over its projected budget and timeframe, and still landed well off its strategic target… count yourself fortunate. Over 50% of large digital projects fail outright

To successfully navigate this challenging territory, partner with a firm with deep experience, one that’s seen the good and the bad. Our lessons learned are your strategic advantage. Our goal is to chart a path to your goals that doesn’t just minimize the risks – it architects them out of the process.

By necessity, much of this approach cuts against the grain of conventional wisdom. 

Our four keys to digital strategy

1. There is no “project”

We architect your initiative to deliver steady, tangible, evolutionary progress toward your strategic goals. We deliver value each month to earn the right to do so again the next month.

2. Spend less up front

The key to long-term value is spreading your budget across many months while keeping a reserve for contingencies or opportunities encountered along the way.

3. Separate what matters from what doesn’t

The requirements that matter are the ones that return the most value to your organization. Focus on those and unapologetically ignore secondary priorities.

4. All strategy is hypothesis

We do a lot of homework to bring an informed strategic perspective to the start of the project. But we might be wrong. Embracing uncertainty — together — frees us to improve with every sprint. 

Key clients who have trusted us with digital strategy

Architect for success

Let our experience help ensure your success. We have lessons to share. Contact us via the form below to get the conversation started:

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