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We help the world’s leading digital provider of professional audio/video networking technologies maintain a high-fidelity website.

In 2003, Audinate sought to change the AV world by allowing AV pros to use standard IT networks to transmit high quality audio media. Their solution: Dante. Since its launch, Dante has been adopted by more pro-audio AV manufacturers compared to any other networking technology. In 2019, this revolutionary technology became even more of a powerhouse when Audinate launched Dante AV, bringing together audio and video in this AV-over-IP product and management system.

As you might imagine, this approach has been quite successful. Audinate is (to use the technical term) a rocketship, and we’ve helped them keep up with the pace of growth by providing design, development, infrastructure and support services for the company’s website and other customer- and partner-focused digital systems.

Technology: Headless WordPress

Teaser Of The Audinate Website
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