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National Center for Women & Information Technology

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) works with change leader organizations of all sizes to increase the meaningful participation of all women in the influential fields of computing, innovation, and development.

We built and continue to support a suite of websites and web applications for NCWIT, starting with We also built NCWIT’s Aspirations in Computing application, which connects students, educators, judges, mentors and community leaders via a platform that rewards, recognizes and celebrates the technical achievements of women, genderqueer and non-binary students and their educators via the annual Aspirations in Computing awards.

Another key NCWIT program is the Tech Inclusion Journey, the product of 15 years of research on how to improve inclusivity in the workplace. Culture Foundry transformed the Tech Inclusion Journey from an on-paper workbook into a fully functional web application with separate instances for corporate and academic clients.

Culture Foundry is also proud to be a member of NCWIT’s Workforce Alliance.

Learn More: The Beginning of Our Tech Inclusion Journey

Technology: React, Django/Python, WordPress

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