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React.js is an open-source JavaScript library that is being embraced by enterprise-level companies to build dynamic and responsive interfaces.

React is not overly opinionated – it offers a lot of different ways to achieve the same task. It can be a single page application so you can do transitions between pages, or you can build a more sophisticated front end. Users have full control of the virtual DOM, which is then rendered to the browser as a regular web page to make your application more SEO-friendly.

While this provides flexibility, initial infrastructure setup can then take a lot of time and expertise because there are many decisions to be made. Built the right way, many components can be shared between React and React Native to cut down on development time, which is especially useful for mobile applications.

With React, you can choose from multiple storage setups — ranging from lightweight to comprehensive — on a per-project basis to maintain page speed. Some people like the simplicity and ease of using these setups, while others feel limited by not being able to customize their own storage configuration.

There is a bit of a steep learning curve with React, and developers must be familiar with core Javascript programming. But the tradeoff is outstanding website performance and highly customizable displays.

Our React.js Crew

Collin Jensen Software Engineer

Collin Jensen

I’m a web developer committed to building a brighter, more meaningful future for all through powerful and engaging websites and…

Forrest Moulton

I am a father and husband first. A full stack engineer with a T in anything JS and a strong…

Neel Patel

Neel enjoys a great cupcake, an adventurous trip, and a good nap. Code is truth.

Niko Rosenberg surfing

Niko Rosenberg

I’m a creative web engineer, highly motivated by purpose-driven products and social good. I have six years experience in technical…

Colin Williams

Colin Williams

When I was a child, my parents ran their own advertising agency. Many dinners turned into lively brainstorming sessions. I…

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Split screen composite image or a smiling black woman on the left and a young mixed race girl with dark hair and bangs on the right, balancing a pencil between her nose and upper lip.

National Center for Women & Information Technology The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) works with change leader organizations of all sizes to…

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