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Our core purpose at Culture Foundry is to create beautiful technology for clients we love.

You can see this in action for such clients as the National Center for Women & Information Technology, the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, 24 Hour Fitness, the Kentucky Derby, NYRA, Audinate, Pramila for Congress and Carbon Credit Cart. It’s a pretty cool and varied list.

We describe ourselves as a digital experience agency because we think it all stems from the experience. We’ve learned over the years that it takes many layers — strategy, design, technology (the full stack), project management and leadership — to make that experience great. We’re looking for people to join our team to help with exactly that.

We’re also small (relatively speaking), remote (in the locational, not emotional, sense) and constantly looking for ways to make this the best place to work ever. Does your current job offer pet insurance? It should! We also pay human health insurance premiums at 100% no matter your family size, because team health matters here, and we back that belief with budget. Does your current job offer a personal carbon offset as an employee benefit? It should! Unlimited vacation? Sure, but old news. We’re currently experimenting with a move to a regular 4-day-workweek.

We’re also the most human technology team you’ll ever meet. Even if the current open roles don’t quite seem to be a fit, reach out and let us know you’re out there. Many of our current team members are here because a conversation started and then the planets aligned.

Culture Foundry job descriptions

For junior roles, we offer the option of a “Prove-It Contract” program for candidates seeking to bridge from the academic to the professional phase of their careers.

Then consider whether we’re right for you

You can work lots of places, but Culture Foundry may be the place for you if:

  • Our core purpose and values resonate with you.
  • You’re ready for the pros and cons of a remote workplace.
  • You can thrive in an “extreme flexibility” environment. This means you pack your own motivation, discipline and accountability for delivery.
  • You want to be a part of a small team that delivers big things: The “they” in “how did they do that?”
  • You value a fun culture, extreme flexibility, compelling projects, great health insurance and competitive salaries, pretty much in that order.

To apply, or just start the conversation, please email us at [email protected]. Be sure to include the job that interests you in the title of your email.

Meet the crew!

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