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Front-End Software Engineer

Please see our CAREERS page to learn more about how we hire at Culture Foundry.

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We are looking for a front-end software engineer at Culture Foundry to help us create beautiful technology for clients we love. We need software engineers who are skilled and experienced in using modern front-end technologies to create captivating digital experiences. We’re seeking JavaScript experts, who can work “beyond the browser” in an application frame, are fluent in modern software development practices, and comfortable with the pressures of delivering critical functionality at scale.

We utilize a flat organizational structure at Culture Foundry where each developer / engineer is a self-contained problem solver who is the technical lead (and backstop) for one or two key clients, and serves in a secondary role on one or two more. This means that while this role emphasizes front-end development, you’ll need to be at least comfortable in the back-end parts of the stack as well.

We have been intentional in architecting our work environment to maximize deep work and delivery momentum while minimizing the interruptions that can be a challenge in other agency environments. Add to this company-wide benefits such as a remote work environment, unlimited vacation, alternating 4-day workweeks, meeting-free Wednesdays, health/vision/dental/pet insurance (premiums paid at 100%), and peer learning with other talented engineers and this just might be the opportunity you’re looking for.

Areas of responsibility

  • Create beautiful technology for clients we love
  • Develop high-quality solutions for websites and applications in a variety of front-end (primarily) and back-end technologies 
  • Creatively implement, improve and extend designs created by the design team
  • Communicate proactively with team members to translate requirements into functionality, establish estimates, and report on progress and results
  • Create reusable, Javascript-based components based on approved designs
  • Deliver solutions utilizing a modern containerization, integration and deployment process
  • Discover and embrace new front-end technologies and trends as they relate to Culture Foundry and its clients 
  • Help peers via code reviews, solutions brainstorming, learning opportunities and occasional direct communication with clients 
  • Participate in our 24/7 support rotation (approximately every 6th week)
  • Proactively participate in the essential business processes that make digital agencies go: time logging, estimation, agile workflows 

Must-have qualifications

  • Actual live URLs of things you have built that we can inspect at this very moment, that demonstrate applied design to the level of our examples above (or better yet, beyond)
  • Expert (i.e. “you can teach it”) level proficiency with:
    • JavaScript-based technologies (e.g. React, Node, jQuery)
    • PHP-based content management systems and frameworks (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, MODX, Craft CMS) and PHP core application frameworks
    • CLI tools
    • Responsive layouts
    • HTML/CSS
    • Git and distributed version control practices
  • Reasonable (i.e. “you can use it”) proficiency with
    • API technologies (e.g. REST, GraphQL)
    • Single-page JavaScript applications
  • A good design sensibility
  • A good understanding of UX terms and best practices
  • Experience incorporating motion and video into digital experiences
  • Experience delivering multiple large scale web applications
  • Experience debugging large systems 
  • Grace under pressure when something’s gone wrong on production and you’re the highest rung on the escalation ladder

Nice-to-have qualifications

  • RDBMS experience, preferably with MySQL
  • Experience with Redis, S3 or NoSQL database technologies 
  • Experience with package management tools (e.g. Composer, NPM, Yarn)
  • Experience with devops techniques and tools like Docker and AWS
  • Experience with automated testing and automated build and deployment processes

Though this is a remote position, residency in the states of Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Texas or Washington (U.S.) or the province of British Columbia (Canada) is a plus, as those are jurisdictions where we already have nexus.

To apply

If this sounds like you, send your live site examples, resume and cover letter to


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