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Project Manager

This role is not currently open, but listed here in case you’d like to start a conversion to explore a potential future fit. Please see our CAREERS page to learn more about how we hire at Culture Foundry.

Quick download

  • Full-time Digital Project Manager, salary dependent on experience
  • Fully remote with flexible working hours, and unlimited paid time off
  • 18 official company holidays including Juneteenth, Election Day and Holiday Break (two weeks at end of year)
  • Employer paid health, dental, vision, life and pet insurance
  • 401K, health savings accounts, and quarterly bonus program
  • Every-other-week 4-day workweek 
  • Meeting-free Wednesdays
  • All FT employees participate in weekly shifts for our 24/7 on-call support program

The company

Culture Foundry is a digital design and development agency creating elevated online experiences for companies, organizations, and brands around the globe. Culture Foundry’s sweet spot is a total accountability model that takes full charge of the solution across the spectrum of capabilities required to deliver a great digital experience: strategy, design, development, and infrastructure. 

At Culture Foundry, we believe in fostering collaborative environments and promoting a sense of ownership, accountability and responsibility among our team members. We prioritize putting our clients in the driver’s seat and encourage frequent feedback loops and client involvement throughout the project. We also believe in keeping stakeholders invested and involved throughout the entirety of the relationship. To ensure the success of our projects, we lay strong foundations from the beginning and do not compromise during project kickoffs. We practice transparency with our clients at all times, understanding that the success of our clients drives the success of our company. We practice the Agile Manifesto with intention and believe that everyone should be an owner in our process. We also believe in having fun and loving what we do.

The position

At Culture Foundry, delivery is a core value and you are its champion. After the client partnership is signed and the initial roadmap is drafted, you take the wheel to collaborate with cross functional teams, including designers, developers, and stakeholders, to turn the great ideas and energy into actual working websites and applications.

Key responsibilities

  • Set the project, and your team, up for success
    • Translate client goals into requirements
    • Determine the cadence and format of project communication (both with clients and with internal project team)
    • Architect and drive a project plan, timeline, and budget 
    • Create a standing agenda, lead client meetings, and internal standups
    • Include a plan for contingencies (late changes, dependencies, slow review cycles, etc.)
    • Create a backlog of clear, well-constructed user stories in JIRA that clarify the desired outcome while leaving room for the developer to determine the best technical solution
    • Bring enthusiasm, passion, confidence, and a reminder of the project’s vision to meetings and communications to empower your team
  • Lead the project
    • Manage project resourcing
    • Monitor project progress and adjust if necessary
    • Provide clear, responsive, and consistent communication to client stakeholders and internal team
    • Be the calm and positive presence in the room
    • Apply an agile mindset
    • Collaborate with the Account Manager throughout
    • Stay ahead of the delivery team ensuring their tasks are strategically congruent and ready in advance
    • Have a thorough understanding of the project, be able to pass a “project pop quiz,” and provide their team with more answers than questions
    • Hold team members accountable for daily progress and results 
  • Land the delivery
    • Have a fierce eye for QA and quality
    • Maintain project documentation 
    • Deliver a website or application that is architecturally sound, visually beautiful, meets or exceeds the clients needs, adheres to digital best practices and makes the team proud of their work
    • Deliver an easy-to-understand user manual and client training to maximize client autonomy post-launch

How we define success

  • Your client is happy and has deep trust in you, the team, and the project
  • Your client feels their needs are understood and has confidence they’ll be met
  • Your delivery team is happy, inspired and knows what is expected of them
  • Your project is delivering at or above client expectations (i.e, quality and on budget)
  • Your project stays in its lane, not requiring rescues from (or raids of) other projects to succeed 
  • Culture Foundry is paid in full for time spent 
  • There is an overwhelming positive feeling at the finish line of the project from the team and the client
  • You, the team, and the client enjoyed the process and the product at the finish line

Outcomes to avoid

  • You’re not ahead of your team on the JIRA board (i.e. developer says “I’m ready, but I see no cards ready for me”)
    • Your team is confused: they see tasks, but do not understand the user’s end goal
  • “Activity without delivery”: Project is burning time and budget but not resulting in tangible, client-evident delivery
  • Being or having any energy vampires in any room
  • Client feels like what was delivered was not in alignment with their original goals
  • A budget that went off the rails without previous discussion
  • You, or your team, is burnt out after delivery of a project

Bonus points if…

  • You have some experience working in content management systems such as: WordPress, Drupal, and/or MODX.
  • 2+ years leading technical web development projects through discovery, design, development, QA, and launch
  • You’ve worked with JIRA, gSuite, Harvest, Forecast, and Slack before.
  • You have effective communication skills, both verbal and written, that are clear and adaptable.
  • You get excited by learning new things
  • You’re a proactive problem solver
  • You default to asking questions, instead of frustration, when things get fuzzy 

To apply

Email your resume and some sparkling opening repartee or a cover letter to  


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