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Culture Foundry seeks a Project Manager to lead delivery of websites and applications for our clients.

At Culture Foundry, delivery is a core value and you are its champion. After the client partnership is signed and the initial roadmap is drafted, you take the wheel to turn the great ideas and energy into actual working websites and applications.

Definition of success

  • Your client is happy
  • Your delivery team is happy
  • Your project is delivering at or above client expectations
  • Your project stays in its lane, not requiring rescues from (or raids of) other projects to succeed
  • Culture Foundry is paid in full for time spent



  • Drive the work to completion
    • Translate client goals into requirements
    • Translate requirements into tasks
    • Drive those tasks through the process to client delivery
    • Manage client and team expectations throughout


  • Apply an agile mindset
  • Set up the project board structure in JIRA
  • Team with Account Manager to ensure project starts set up for success
  • Write project charter at onset of project
  • Include a plan for contingencies (late changes, dependencies, slow review cycles, etc.)


  • Be the “keeper of the cards” in JIRA
    • Write clear, well-constructed user stories that clarify the desired outcome while leaving room for the developer to determine the best technical solution
  • Manage project backlog
    • Work with client to prioritize backlog
    • Work with development team to groom backlog
    • Lead estimation sessions
  • Stay ahead of the rest of the delivery team
    • Ensure their day-to-day tasks / cards are ready in advance
    • Ensure tasks are strategically congruent
  • Manage project budget
    • Lead budgeting and estimation sessions
    • Know the budget target for the work period (e.g. the month) and the overall project
    • Hold team members to timeboxed estimates for tasks
    • Escalate to Account Manager if overall client expectations will need to be changed
  • Know your project inside and out
    • Master the “project pop quiz”
    • Provide your team more answers than questions
  • Hold the line on quality
    • Be the first-line QA agent for cards you drive
    • Apply the “common sense test” as to whether a “technically correct” solution matches user expectations and client intentions
  • Hold team members accountable for daily progress and results


  • Determine the cadence and format of project communication (both with clients and with internal project team)
  • Lead that communication by owning scheduling, attendees, agendas, status updates and notes / documentation
  • Be extremely responsive to client communications
  • Translate client requests into actionable work tasks
  • Relay communication to client Account Manager as relevant

Documentation / tracking

  • Write project charters
  • Document key decisions and assumptions
  • Document project collateral
  • Direct creation and maintenance of client-facing user manuals
  • Track hours spent (on individual cards and overall project) against client budget to prevent budget surprises, escalating to the Account Manager when a change of client expectations is required
  • Approve invoices generated by the Account Manager before they’re sent to the client


  • Be the clear driver of the project, whether at a macro (project) or micro (meeting) level
  • Set the tone for the project team
  • Keep client and team expectations aligned
  • Advocate for project needs in weekly Culture Foundry company-wide planning meetings
  • Team with client’s Account Manager to ensure consistent, aligned approach
  • Treat project management process as agile: innovate, experiment and evaluate new tools and process

Outcomes to avoid

  • You’re not ahead of your team on the JIRA board (i.e. developer says “I’m ready, but I see no cards ready for me”)
    • Your team is confused: they see tasks, but do not understand the user’s end goal
  • “Activity without delivery”: Project is burning time and budget but not resulting in tangible, client-evident delivery

Things to know about Culture Foundry

  • We use JIRA as our primary project management tool. Being an expert in JIRA is an essential tool to being successful in this role.
  • Other tools in our toolset most relevant to your day-to-day as Project Manager will be Slack, Google Docs, Harvest and Email
  • Culture Foundry does all work on a time-and-materials basis and does not offer fixed bid projects
  • Our ideal engagement structure is an ongoing client retainer that reserves a project team, with allowances to occasionally increase budget as necessary to deliver on increased scope or accelerated timeline expectations
  • Culture Foundry is a remote-work workplace that treats the use of our physical offices as an amenity not an obligation
  • Culture Foundry is a BYOD (bring your own device) company, but exceptions can be made for the right scenarios

Things to know about project management at Culture Foundry

  • We believe in collaborative environments
  • We believe in reminding our team of their ownership in the project, accountability to the client and responsibility to solve the big-picture problems
  • We believe in putting the client in the driver’s seat
  • We believe in frequent feedback loops
  • We believe in constant client involvement
  • We believe in keeping stakeholders in the room and invested throughout the entirety of relationship
  • We believe in laying strong foundations – we do not compromise in the project or client kickoff
  • We believe in transparency with our clients at all times
  • We believe that the success of our clients drives the success of Culture Foundry
  • We believe in practicing the Agile Manifesto with intention and believing in it
  • We believe in being agile about Agile
  • We believe in creating processes that are sustainable, predictable and repeatable
  • We believe in a process of measuring, learning and iterating
  • We believe in the reduction of overhead and an increase in collaboration
  • We believe everyone is an owner in our process
  • We believe in having fun and loving what we do

To apply

Email your resume and some sparkling opening repartee to [email protected]

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