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You’ve launched your beautiful new website, but how do you measure its success? Diving into the ocean of analytics data can be a bit daunting, so Culture Foundry’s experts are here to help.

We like to start by listening, asking questions to understand your business and marketing objectives such as:

  • What are the results that you are anticipating from your site?
  • What is your slate of marketing programs and events to support those results?
  • What is the optimal behavior flow you want to encourage on your site?
  • How will you and your organization measure success?

These help provide us with a context for recommending how to structure your analytics program and how to find opportunities for continuous improvement on your site.

The next step is to establish an analytics program in accordance with your overall business and marketing plans. Implementation typically involves setting up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We establish goals and schedule events that allow us to track your web traffic and successes. Culture Foundry also works with you to set up data integrations with a wide variety of third-party data sources and services, including legacy partners.

We turn data into actionable information that can help you measure the success of marketing programs.  Success is measured in terms of conversions and completions on your site and inform actions for improvements.

There are myriad ways to track, explore, and understand your analytics data. Parameters can include the number of sales, form completions, information downloads, engagement levels and incremental visitors from new traffic referral sources.

Over time, goals change, elements of the web site are improved, your product and service offerings evolve, and the marketing, social media, and promotional programs that support growth are all refined. Analytics must evolve in concert with your business and provide insights that support decisions for ongoing improvements on your web site and related marketing programs.

Culture Foundry works with customers who are relatively new to the analytics world and with those who are deeply experienced. Whatever your level of experience with analytics, we’re ready to help you meet your business goals.

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