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In the coronavirus crisis, concerns about health are our first, second and third priority — for our team, for our clients, for everyone. The second-wave economic concerns, however, demand attention as well. Even as the situation changes daily, one thing is becoming clear: The way forward is digital. 

A digital response team you can rely on is essential

We are here to help. For many clients, we have already sprung into action: 

  • Implemented fast-turn digital messaging and website updates for a client’s own coronavirus response team.
  • Scaled up digital infrastructure for a sporting event series as it moved its entire spectator experience online.
  • Worked with an events organization to create a new online-only event type and corresponding subscription model.
  • Led the digital planning, implementation and scaling for a change-of-date for one of America’s most iconic sporting events.
  • Launched an online store to convert a client’s website into a direct revenue stream.

We are built for this

  • Culture Foundry is a full-service digital firm for whom devops is as important as design. If something goes sideways at any layer, we have the tools, the experience and the know-how to address it.
  • Our clients are backed with 24/7 support. If your current partner doesn’t have a plan in your hand for a 2-hour response time all the time, that’s a risk you need to get fixed today.
  • We are in this to help. We are responsive. We care deeply. It’s a level of commitment rare in the industry, and why our client relationships are incredibly enduring. 

Where to start: a digital readiness audit

Crisis has struck. Are you prepared for all digital contingencies? Do you know the state of your domain, nameservers, security certificates, security updates, threat vulnerability, available scalability and platform architecture? Is the current state of your digital investments a source of calm or anxiety? Most importantly, do you have a response team at the ready that can help now, one that brings with it the entire spectrum of skills you need to move quickly? 

You do now. Contact us today to get our team on your team. 

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