Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an online application framework written in the Ruby programming language. It’s an excellent technology choice when a project’s requirements demand complex, application-level functionality beyond the “edit and publish” workflow of a typical website. Some examples of our Ruby on Rails work:

The requirements for the Kentucky Derby’s annual Survivors Parade  entailing a complex system of online nominations and voting to determine the field of breast cancers survivors honored in the event during Derby Weekend  required a custom Ruby on Rails application embedded within the wider site.

We developed a custom content management system in Ruby on Rails for Koebel Urban Homes to fit the specific needs of its business, giving Koelbel the advantage of utilizing a single platform to power multiple websites.

We used Ruby on Rails to build an “app factory” for a Fortune 1000 company. The system pairs a content management interface with a mobile application generator to produce custom mobile applications (both iOS and Android) for our client’s customer base.

We used Ruby on Rails to create an internal production tool for a custom equipment manufacturer that ingests specifications from online orders, then guides and tracks their manufacture through customer delivery.