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At Culture Foundry, we view each website as a living thing. Post-launch, we offer several ongoing programs to help keep your site hosted, updated, secure, performant and configured for SEO. Learn more on our support page.

Basic Service Level

We offer site hosting on a high-performance, high-reliability, cloud-based environment robust enough to stand up to intense traffic spikes and load events. Security and platform updates will be performed separately at our hourly rates as required. Our basic service level includes a response time of 1 business day for critical issues.

Professional Service Level

Our professional service level adds proactive management of security and platform updates for your site, as well as continuous monitoring and daily site backups. Our professional service level includes expedited response time for critical issues (2 hours during business hours; 6 hours all other times) and 3 hours per month for incident response if required.

Site Management

To ensure priority availability for issue resolution, content, design and feature requests, we recommend a monthly site management retainer. Our minimum commitment level is a retainer of 10 hours per month. Lacking a site retainer agreement, we will be available for site management requests on an hourly time-and-materials, as-available basis.

SEO Optimization Program

While your site will launch with SEO best practices in place, our monthly SEO optimization program is the next step. The process begins with targeting specific keyword phrases and auditing search engines to establish baseline results positioning. We prioritize monthly SEO optimization activities to improve that positioning, then audit results and adjust those priorities and activities as necessary.

Search engine algorithms are always changing. Your site needs to change with them to maintain top positions in the rankings. Find more information about our optimization programs on our SEO page.

Analytics Program

Our custom analytics program starts with the question, “For this site, how do we define success?” Using available platforms such as Google Analytics combined with custom tracking, we’ll create analytics reporting that shows progress against baselines for the metrics that matter most, then review the results on a monthly basis to gauge progress and evaluate priorities.

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We can help you with ongoing programs to keep your website ahead of the curve.

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