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Your venture is likely best thought of as an application if it relies on complex functions such as task completion, user awareness and data processing. Culture Foundry can build the web, mobile and desktop plugin applications that your project needs to expand its digital capabilities.

Custom applications we’ve delivered include:

  • An online contest experience including nomination and voting functionality
  • A SAAS (software as a service) experience managing workflow for fine art photographers, including a custom Adobe plug-in
  • A music experience with web, mobile and tablet clients (on both iOS and Android)
  • A self-assessment tool for corporate Diversity & Inclusion efforts
  • A firmware management tool
  • A content management system publishing custom mobile applications (it sounds like “Inception” but yes you read that right)

Another area of application development where we can be helpful is progressive web applications (PWA). While PWAs still have varying levels of support, they can deliver many of the benefits of applications but with lighter ongoing maintenance requirements. There are trade-offs when pursuing a PWA, so the right answer for an application depends on the business case.

Extending a website into the application realm is a different type of challenge — and it’s one we excel at.

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