At Culture Foundry, I lead strategy, resourcing and light janitorial. Key ingredients: Hawaii birth certificate (producible on request), journalism degree (CU-Boulder), Northwest ethic, love of language, and many lessons learned from digital projects large and small. Obsessed with: the evolution of media, aloha as a guiding principle, not frying the planet to a crisp. Cofounder of Carbon Credit Cart, creator of the internet’s first comic strip, frequent speaker at New Tech Northwest, and host of “The Decision,” a podcast about Conscious Capitalism.

Recommend a book:
Nonfiction: The Obstacle Is the Way is a useful and timely read. Fiction: Snow Crash — the movie that plays in my head when I read that book would require a budget of about one billion dollars, so yeah, great ROI..

People might never expect that you once…
Appeared in a full-page photo feature in Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue due to my role as cofounder of irascible online movie critic It seemed like the big time until I saw the photo they picked, which I’ll pay to destroy.

Is there a client story that really resonated with your personal story? If so, please share.
It’s always special when a project stems from a personal affinity or connection.  and  are all good examples.

If you could solve one major world crisis, what would it be?
Global warming, which I’ve decided to combat with two animated wisecracking polar bears.  Yeah, we’re in trouble.