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We’ve mastered WordPress to build websites with exceptional functionality and design. The CMS originated as a blogging platform but has since expanded to become a universal framework. This industry standard has a vast ecosystem of themes, plugins and API integrations, and our developers praise its reliability and massive open source communities that provide critical support.

One of the strengths of WordPress is flexibility; almost anything can be tailored to fit a specific use case. You can create elegant themes complete with custom interfaces for administrators and end users that allow flexibility while maintaining design consistency, which is made even easier with plugins like the Gutenberg block editor. We recently relied on WordPress’s adaptability to create 24Life, a full-featured online magazine with multiple editors, rich media content, and searchable archive.

Complex WordPress sites can become unwieldy and plugins might pose additional security risks if not installed properly. But when designed and implemented well, WordPress sites are entirely secure. Managed hosting solutions automate and amplify proper security, which also adds hardening, and we use plugins sparingly and only from reputable developers. Bug fixes are immediate and updates are seamless. We’ve used WordPress to build members-only site portions to help organizations better serve returning clients and protect their personal data.

If your website needs to be able to serve multiple editors and handle new content with ease, then WordPress might be the right choice for your project.


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