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I love standardrb

  • February 28, 2019

How do you format your ruby code across developers and projects? I confess, I'm in love with standardrb. I've used other formatting tools like the hound and rubocop, but standardrb is great because it takes all the choice away from…

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Book Review: Progressive Web Apps

  • January 23, 2019

What are Progressive Web Apps, and why would you want to build one? I just read Progressive Web Apps, by Jason Grigsby. If you want an overflight of progressive web apps (PWAs), including a definition, what their capabilities are, and…

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Automate all the things

  • December 18, 2018

How one line in a script can save you hours of debugging agony. I recently ran into an issue with a CraftCMS plugin where the plugin worked locally but displayed bizarre behavior (404ing on a certain page) on our staging…

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Multiple heads with next to the graphic representation of a technology "stack."

Creating multiple database users for Maria DB RDS

  • October 30, 2018

How can you create multiple database users with AWS MariaDB RDS? Not using "grant all", unfortunately. AWS RDS lets you run a database with minimal operational overhead. Backups, maintenance and operating system upgrades are all taken care of by the…

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