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Why are we here? When a Remote Company has an In-person Offsite

This week the Culture Foundry team had its first ever onsite meet-up in Boulder, CO. Working remote has many perks from flexibility in schedules, a better work-life balance, to being able to work with people from all across the US. However, it also means that you rarely see your co-workers outside of a video chat, and the opportunity for team bonding can be rare. Gathering 16 people from a variety of locations has its challenges and can often mean a big expense for the company, so we swapped out trust falls for shoulder to shoulder collaboration. We gathered around a table during the day for client work, and a bar in the evening to strategize, work and bond.

Before the week started, we were asked to think about the following question, “what are you here to do?”. Here didn’t have a definition, it was up to each employee. “Here” could be Boulder, or the chair you’re sitting in, or the earth you walk on.  Every quarter, we sit down and reflect on where the company has thrived, and where we still have room to grow. We call it our State of the Culture Foundry. We started our SOTCF with the answers to this question and the answers were true to our team. Some funny, some straightforward, but all in line with our core purpose and values. We can’t sum up our Boulder trip in words, or even in photos, but these quotes allow for some insight into the badass individuals call our team, and family, here at Culture Foundry.   were provided the opportunity to discuss, “why we are here”. “Here” taking the form of here at the company, here in Boulder, below are some of our team’s answers.

I’m here to:

  • Grow in quality every day.
  • Provide value, not just monetary, while working with a team I love.
  • Deliver beautiful websites to our clients.
  • Build.
  • Learn.
  • Figure out my new role at Culture Foundry.
  • Make money, in the funnest way.
  • Create and to provide for me and mine.
  • Help provide for you and yours.
  • Work on client X.
  • Build my project management skills.
  • Be apart of a team that values my input.
  • Grow as a person, an engagement manager, a friend, and an employee.
  • Solve problems.

At Culture Foundry we work hard, but we also know how to play hard. We’ve decided to share some of these amazing moments we had together in Boulder below in pictures.

Team eating
Emerson, Creative Technologist and Colin, Senior Designer and Developer, discussing our hiring process.

Don Wrege, Culture Foundry’s Bowling Champion, enjoying our kickoff meeting.

Boulder Office
The view out of our Boulder office, where we spent most of our time (the other majority was at local bars and restaurants with tequila and good talks)


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