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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website?
January 31, 2024

The query embedded in the title of this post is one I receive frequently from website managers reaching out to Culture Foundry with a digital design and development project. While the question is fair and straightforward, an honest, accurate response…

WEB ACCESSIBILITY:  The Best Tools to Improve Your Website
July 25, 2023

It’s been eight months since my original post on what you need to know about making websites accessible. If you haven’t checked that out, I encourage you to do so. For the TL;DR members of the audience, here’s a quick…

Making Websites Accessible: What You Need to Know
October 25, 2022

The world of tech moves fast, and it can be challenging to keep up. There are a billion acronyms to learn, constant new releases, and evolving areas to dive into at all times. It is what makes this field of…

Take Your Website to the Winner’s Circle
August 22, 2022

Create great digital experiences to complement in-person events... The Kentucky Derby is the world’s longest, continuously held sporting event and has taken place annually since 1875. The race for 3-year-old Thoroughbreds has survived some of history’s most disruptive periods, including…

A Culture Foundry Pet Insurance Success Story
July 23, 2021

When you look for a new job, it’s natural and important to do a little research on the company. That research will likely include their benefits. Every organization has its pros and cons and potential employees prioritize different benefits. Now,…

Long Shot
April 28, 2021

We’ve all experienced a point in our lives where we feel our desired outcome is a “long shot”. In the 2019 Kentucky Derby, there was an unprecedented ending. The horse that initially came in first place, Maximum Security, was disqualified.…

The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports
April 27, 2021

The Kentucky Derby contains what what is considered to be "The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports" year after year, and I agree, but maybe I’m biased.  I’ve worked with Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs, the home of the Derby, since…

Lessons learned from the 2020 DPM Summit
December 2, 2020

The Digital PM Summit is a one-of-a-kind event for DPMs. Project Management is such a broad career that finding a community in which you can learn, empathize, vent and collaborate with people who fully understand your role is hard to…

Top Virtual Tools for Remote Work
May 11, 2020

Whether you’ve just started working from home or you’ve always embraced the remote lifestyle, it can still be daunting to find the right virtual tools for remote work. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular workplace tools sorted by…

Remote Project Managers: 5 Simple Tips for Effective Client Communication
March 20, 2020

George Bernard Shaw once said, “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” The first time I heard this quote was at the Digital Project Management Summit put on by The Bureau of Digital.…


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