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A Day In the Life: Developer Edition
February 04 2019

What does a day in the life of a developer look like at a 100% remote digital agency like Culture Foundry?

Here is what a typical day at Culture Foundry may look like (if you are a developer):

  • After breakfast, you go to your home office.
  • Start up the coffee and the laptop.
  • Check Slack, respond to any messages. Check Google Calendar for meetings or other team member’s vacations.
  • Go to Trello, look at cards that are assigned to you.
  • Do any needed code reviews or dev reviews.
  • Look at cards for your client in the “Ready for Work” list and pick the first one. You move it to “Doing.”
  • Map out what the implementation plan is in your head. Make any notes you want on the card. This can include writing tests, front end code, back end code, research of third party solutions, documentation or anything else you deem is needed to finish the work.
  • Execute the implementation plan.
  • Break to hop on a call with a client. You aren’t driving the meeting (an engagement manager is) but it is about a 3rd party integration that you’ve previously scoped out so you have some questions.
  • Lunch.  Mmmm, chicken noodle soup.
  • Continue to work on the card you were previously working on.
  • Break to hop on a video call with a less experienced developer about a question they have.
  • Finish up the card, add notes to the pull request and assign it to another team member for code review.
  • Check Slack. Stand up and walk around to clear your head.
  • Another team member has code reviewed your previous work so you check their comments, make a few changes and assign it back to them for final review.
  • Another piece of work has been QAed in the staging environment and is ready to deploy, so you deploy that to the production system. You assign the card back to the EM for a final check to make sure the deployment went well.
  • Look at cards for your client in the “Ready for Work” list and pick the next one and move it to “Doing”. You only get half way through that card, so you make some notes so you can pick it up tomorrow.
  • Make sure your hours are up to date in the time tracking system.
  • Turn off your computer and head out and enjoy the day.

Culture Foundry is a digital experience agency that helps our clients elevate their impact with beautiful technology. We provide the expertise and insight at every layer that makes a great digital experience for websites and applications possible. If you're committed to elevating your digital experience, contact us and we'd be happy to schedule a chat to see if we're a fit.

(Psst! We also happen to be a great place to work.)

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