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Ruby on Rails

Rails is an online application framework written in the Ruby programming language. It’s an excellent technology choice when a project requires intricate, application-level functionality beyond the “edit and publish” workflow of a typical website.

Established in 2006, Rails is the precursor to modern MVC frameworks. Our developers have described mastering Rails as “magical” because once you learn it, it’s easy to quickly build a variety of applications. With Rails, you can run your website and API on different servers, enabling consistent front end performance while back end work can be completed independently. Get instant feedback with automated testing so you catch errors before heading to production and have peace of mind when installing new features.

Ruby on Rails does have its constraints. The trade-off for its advanced functionality is simplicity – some designers find its multifaceted UX a bit stressful to manage. When it comes to content management, Rails also can’t come close to the power and usability of Drupal or WordPress, especially for handling multiple editors. While technically challenging at times, Ruby on Rails is an invaluable tool for building websites.

Here are some examples of what we’ve achieved with Ruby on Rails:

  • For the National Center for Women and Information Technology, we had the challenge of developing an interactive application for members that is part of their Tech Inclusion Journey curriculum and an extension of their existing Drupal website. We found a bootstrap component that boosted site development and integrated seamlessly with Javascript components.
  • The requirements for the Kentucky Derby’s annual Survivors Parade – entailing a complex system of online nominations and voting to determine the field of breast cancer survivors honored in the event during Derby Weekend – required a custom Ruby on Rails application embedded within the wider site.
  • We developed a custom content management system in Ruby on Rails for Koebel Urban Homes to fit the specific needs of its business, giving Koelbel the advantage of utilizing a single platform to power multiple websites.
  • We created an “app factory” for a Fortune 1000 company that pairs a content management interface with a mobile application generator to produce custom mobile applications (both iOS and Android) for our client’s customer base.
  • For another client, we created an internal production tool for a custom equipment manufacturer that ingests specifications from online orders, then guides and tracks their manufacture through customer delivery.

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Zach Turner

Zach Turner

I am a developer and storyteller. When I’m not turning ideas into code, you can find me playing tennis, listening…

Our Ruby on Rails Clients

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Split screen composite image or a smiling black woman on the left and a young mixed race girl with dark hair and bangs on the right, balancing a pencil between her nose and upper lip.

National Center for Women & Information Technology The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) works with change leader organizations of all sizes to…

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