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Where’s your phone right now? It’s likely in your hand as you read this or very close by. In the last year, web traffic trends reported that the percentage of website traffic attributed to mobile devices crossed the 50% threshold. It’s crucial that your website or application functions just as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. For many sites and applications, the mobile scenario should be the first consideration.

Mobile responsiveness is key not only because it strengthens your website; it has also become an industry standard. Lack of a mobile rendering for a web page, for example, will now drag that page’s SEO position down considerably. This is true even for the desktop version of that page.

Our developers are trained to think about every component’s responsiveness (i.e. how well it responds to different screen sizes and orientations). A big video montage on your home page may play great on desktop, but what is the experience in mobile?

Our blank canvas is the mobile-sized screen. As developers, it’s our job to take every function, element and user interface and build it for the small screen first. We then build a website “up” from there and test website functionality at every screen size along the way to ensure it works great on a wide variety of mobile devices.

We’ve also built complex custom mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android, for everything from a mobile app-driven online radio experience to an “app factory” application that put the power of custom app creation directly into the hands of our client.

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