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Buying Wine Online with eCELLAR

Ecommerce is nothing new. Integrating it into websites isn’t either. Now, the idea that you can buy highly sought after wine online? That one may be new to you. We love our wine at Culture Foundry (proof here, here, and here). While working with these impressive wineries, we wanted to take their digital presence to the next level by allowing them to sell their wine online. How did we do this? We used eCELLAR, an ecommerce platform specifically designed to sell wines on the internet. 

eCELLAR is a 3rd party service that allows a developer to build an online shop that sells wines specifically. It considers itself to be an all-encompassing CRM for websites and combines point of sale (POS), wine club and ecommerce functionality. It even includes a campaign manager option for email. eCELLAR refers to its customization options as “Designer Widgets,” but you’re going to need a developer for this one. The templating system is easy to understand and allows you to edit any of the text, set up a variety of wine clubs and integrate them on a single-page application — and there are lots of template options to manage along the way.

eCELLAR is a useful platform that gives you a lot of control over the wording of your ecommerce site integration and manages your ecommerce pieces worry-free, similar to Shopify. Not to mention we’ve experienced excellent customer service with eCELLAR and they are known for their responsiveness. 

The designer widgets are a unique feature we’ve incorporated into our clients’ websites. These widgets allow for the ecommerce side of the system to be integrated with an existing WordPress or custom site. Driven by an API, the widgets are fully customizable and can be integrated to match the existing site. This is beneficial because you can fully leverage the eCELLAR platform while being able to white label it to match your own brand on your website’s front end. 

Multiple clients of ours use eCELLAR, whether we’ve integrated it into their site ourselves or a client comes to us with eCELLAR already an integral part of their business. Two such clients are Pride Mountain Vineyards and Lombardi Wines. We love working with our clients in the wine industry and eCELLAR has been an exciting piece of that.


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