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Culture Foundry seeks an Engagement Manager who will own the happiness and health of clients in their portfolio.

Engagement Managers are scored on the following:

  • Client happiness
  • Client profitability
  • Delivery effectiveness

Engagement Managers are problem solvers who are singularly responsible for the success of their clients and projects, drawing from other roles as required to deliver, but never abdicating their role as overall driver of the engagement.

Client happiness

You are the face of the company.

Clients love us because they love you.

They love you because you are their trusted strategic partner. In that role you:

  • Manage the client relationship
  • Manage the client roadmap
  • Manage the client communication
  • Scan the digital horizon on the client’s behalf
  • Are expert in the client’s business, websites and applications
  • Are unfailingly responsive, in a way that the client feels heard
  • Solve real client problems
  • Ensure our work elevates our contact’s reputation within his / her company

Outcomes to avoid:

  • Your client gravitates to another Culture Foundry team member rather than you for answers
  • Your client is 6 months overdue for platform updates
  • A major shift in technology relevant to the client’s business is a surprise / fire-drill

Client profitability

You ensure that the client – Culture Foundry relationship is mutually profitable.

  • The engagement is profitable at all levels (client, project, task)
  • If the engagement is over budget at any level, the client recognizes the extra value delivered and pays the overage
  • Overage situations are recognized and addressed while the situation is still recoverable (i.e. well before the budget is met or exceeded).
  • The client’s spend with Culture Foundry delivers good returns to the client company
  • You grow the relationship in terms of trust, responsibility and account size
  • Your overall portfolio is growing in terms of clients and total value

Outcomes to avoid:

  • Unmanaged overages
  • Your client does not feel they are getting good value for money
  • Your client had no idea Culture Foundry offers a service for their needs
  • Your client is late on payment

Delivery effectiveness

As someone who drives successful client deliveries, you:

  • Are quick to learn the mechanics of how work gets done at Culture Foundry and use them effectively
  • Know the project so well that the map of the project (what’s done, what remains to be done, where the gotchas are) lives in your head
  • Manage work well:
    • Your task definitions (captured in Trello cards) are shining examples of well-defined specifications
    • You drive your tasks through the Culture Foundry processs and raise a flag when blocked
    • The work is structured and tracked (in Harvest) in accordance with company best practices
  • Do the work required directly where possible / your capabilities allow (e.g. by working directly in the CMS)
  • Call in other team members to serve needed roles — under your clear direction — that you can’t serve directly
  • Deliver quality, catching bugs in client deliveries before others have to
  • Document relentlessly, and organize that documentation to be enduring and findable (typically within Google Docs)

Outcomes to avoid:

  • You “leave the wheel” of tasks you’re driving (e.g. your Trello cards) any point before completion
  • Your cards are stuck in the process, for any reason
  • Copy-paste communication, particularly between client, card, and team
  • A client finds one or more bugs in your delivery
  • Your project gets delivered at the cost of considerable internal disruption (the “wrecking ball” effect)

How we roll

To get a better sense of Culture Foundry and whether it’s the type of environment you’d thrive in, check our our blog posts on our core purpose and core values.

To apply

Email your resume and some sparkling opening repartee to

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