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Because Culture Foundry tackles a broad range of capabilities (design, development, infrastructure, strategy, social and mobile), we’re a great place for a motivated intern, as there’s a lot room to roam.

Culture Foundry is looking for an intern who is interested in gaining technical and client experience working with our development team. As this is an internship, there will be a large degree of flexibility to ensure the work matches both your interests and our needs. We are looking for a two-steps-ahead-of-the-rest-of-the-class type intern with capabilities in some (but let’s be realistic, not all) of the following areas:

Front-end development

  • Strong HTML and CSS skills, including:
    • HTML: delivering HTML that is semantically rich and clean
    • CSS: delivering CSS that is bulletproof, flexible and optimized
    • Some experience coding a design from scratch without relying on things like boilerplate templates and frameworks
    • You have a good inherent design sense. You don’t necessary design things from scratch, but you have a good eye for visual completeness and quality.
  • JavaScript skills:
    • Ability to implement existing JavaScript libraries, frameworks and plugins
    • Ability to leverage jQuery for client-side interactivity
  • Emerging technologies:
    • An eagerness to learn and adopt emerging technologies 
    • An understanding of how emerging technologies evolve and how to adapt your work in response
  • Experience with leading content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal a plus

Back-end development

  • Experience working in a full-stack MVC framework like Ruby on Rails 
  • Experience writing simple single-page PHP scripts
  • Basic knowledge of SQL, and experience working with MySQL or Postgres databases
  • Understanding of the HTTP request/response cycle

Mobile development

  • Experience in coding adaptive web layouts that can render well on a wide variety of mobile environments
  • iOS and/or Android mobile application development experience (though realistically if you have this at this stage, you’ve probably already been whisked away by the black helicopters to some super-secret underground Silicon Valley lab somewhere)

The intangibles

  • A knowledge of and affinity for programming best practices (security, optimization, clean code, commented code, etc.)
  • A demonstrated and strongly held belief that quality matters
  • Attention to detail
  • Pride in your work
  • Grace under pressure
  • An ability to deliver at a high level with little direction or structure
  • A steadfast refusal to be blocked
  • An entrepreneurial, self-motivated mindset
  • Desire to learn and work with a team

How to be considered

To apply, email your resume, links to work examples and a cover message to [email protected]. Please include “Web Developer Intern application” in the email title. 

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