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Success in the role of Director of Growth at Culture Foundry is measured by contracted new business from new clients. In this role, you will oversee Culture Foundry’s efforts across the entire process:

  • Marketing: Create awareness of Culture Foundry in the minds of potential customers
  • Business Development: Focus that awareness to grow relationships smartly toward a sale (outbound)
  • Demand Generation: Ensure we’re findable first by the right people with an active need (inbound)
  • Sales: Turning well-matched opportunities into committed revenue (discussion / consultation -> proposal / SOW -> contract / close)


  • Work closely with company leadership to evolve Culture Foundry’s brand, product-market fit, key points of differentiation and messaging
  • Create and execute Culture Foundry marketing and awareness programs via such channels as:
    • Digital
    • Public relations
    • Events
    • Giveaways
    • Print
    • Radio / podcast
    • TV / video
    • Budgets for such programs will initially be “scrappy” then grow with demonstrated success
  • For arrangements where Culture Foundry accepts trade with clients who reach a well-matched audience (e.g.,, lead the use of our trade credit to achieve optimal return on that trade investment
  • Manage and write the Culture Foundry newsletter (currently quarterly)
  • Create a strategy for optimizing available backlinks from client websites
  • Create a strategy for optimizing secured domains related to our business (e.g. or

Business development

  • Be a relentless advocate for Culture Foundry
  • Bring your robust business network to the role and put it to active use to drive interest in Culture Foundry’s services
  • Identify likely matches for Culture Foundry’s services and connect online or in-person (one day) to educate them on Culture Foundry’s approach and capabilities
  • Events
    • Network as a representative of Culture Foundry at events with business development potential
    • Pursue speaking engagements at relevant events, both for yourself and Culture Foundry domain experts
  • Grow the cohort of the Culture Foundry community that includes prospective clients and partners, and capture that growth in our marketing automation platform (HubSpot)

Demand generation

  • Lead the ongoing SEO optimization of, utilizing such tools as Moz and Google Search Console
  • Lead Culture Foundry’s SEM and digital advertising efforts, including their strategy, implementation, management and evaluation / analytics
  • Drive Culture Foundry’s content marketing, as a frequent blogger on our Cultivate blog, a content contributor on sponsored platforms (also determining which to engage with), a producer for other formats (such as video), and a driver of these efforts by other team members
  • Create and write evergreen high-value collateral in exchange for prospect information on our website
  • Maintain our presence on key referral directories (e.g. Clutch, Digital Agency Network, Glassdoor, Crunchbase, Google Local) and determine which new directories will yield a good return on engagement
  • Create relationships with technology, partner or vertical-specific directories and ensure our profiles on those directories drive business to the company
  • Drive Culture Foundry’s social media efforts, scheduling and submitting posts with a business development intent. Be a driver of social media engagement by other team members, and determine which social media networks we engage with and to what degree
  • Utilize our marketing automation platform (HubSpot) to capture, track and nurture leads
  • Use analytics to gauge effectiveness of and inform changes to inbound marketing / demand generation efforts
  • Be a key strategic influence on the website to ensure that we maximize its effectiveness as a lead generation tool


  • Drive sales opportunities through proposal, pitch and close
  • Evaluate opportunities, RFPs and RFIs to determine fit and whether Culture Foundry should engage
  • Write the proposal or statement of work while enlisting other team members for subject matter expertise as needed
  • Own our proposal template and its ongoing evolution as we learn from each win or loss along the way
  • Investigate lost opportunities and determine the core reasons so that we can improve moving forward


  • Manage Culture Foundry’s Marketing Assistant, who will handle by delegation selected tasks above as you deem appropriate, and new ones that you define

Client consultation

  • On occasion, apply your expertise to consult with clients on their own digital sales and marketing strategies and tactics

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