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Culture Foundry seeks an Account Manager to lead and grow digital engagements with our clients.

The Account Manager is hands-on strategic role, guiding client expectations, budgets and roadmaps (from first contact through recurring retainers) to ensure our client relationships deliver great value to the client and to Culture Foundry.

Definition of success

  • Your clients are happy
  • Your clients’ spend with Culture Foundry is resulting in great return on investment
  • Your clients trust in (and spend with) Culture Foundry is increasing over time
  • Your portfolio (number of clients x client size) is increasing
  • Culture Foundry team members enjoy working with your clients
  • Culture Foundry is paid in full for time spent



  • Be the first point of contact with qualified prospects
  • Take a strategic approach in client prospect discussions to understand client needs, budgets, and whether the relationship would likely be a long-term mutual fit
  • Author strategic sections of Culture Foundry’s initial (“Sprint Zero”) proposal to the client
  • Lead the opportunity through close

Early relationship 

  • Lead Culture Foundry’s client Sprint Zero and roadmap sessions
    • The agenda
    • The strategy
    • The overall session experience (attendees, roles, venue, equipment, food, after-session socializing)
    • The deliverables
    • Set up a strong foundation for the Project Manager who will drive the projects that result

Ongoing relationship 

  • Establish the overall strategic arc that will serve as the context and rationale for the client’s work with Culture Foundry on an ongoing basis
  • Manage high-level client scope, velocity and budget expectations in partnership with the Project Manager
    • Lead a regular checkpoint meeting with the PM to gauge account and project status (green, yellow, red)
    • Participate in a regular client call to ensure project is proceeding in alignment with expectations, and seek feedback on where things could be going better
  • Be the client’s primary contact from a strategic and relationship perspective (even if the Project Manager may be a more frequent contact in the context of a specific project)
  • Generate invoices for your accounts and send on approval from the Project Manager
    • Follow up with the client when invoices get more than 30 days overdue
  • Be the escalation contact for when the project or relationship is edging off track
  • Keep the client and project teams focused on delivering on long-term goals
  • Proactively enable client growth and seize opportunities to expand the relationship

Outcomes to avoid

  • “Strategic drift”: client deliveries don’t reconcile with strategic intent
  • Clients drifting from yellow to red in project / account status

Things to know about Culture Foundry

  • Culture Foundry does all work on a time-and-materials basis and does not offer fixed bid projects
  • Our ideal engagement structure is an ongoing client retainer that reserves a project team, with allowances to occasionally increase budget as necessary to deliver on increased scope or accelerated timeline expectations
  • Culture Foundry is a remote-work workplace that treats the use of our physical offices as an amenity not an obligation
  • The tools in our toolset most relevant to your day-to-day as an Account Manager will be Email, Slack, Google Docs, Harvest and JIRA
  • Culture Foundry is a BYOD (bring your own device) company, but exceptions can be made for the right scenarios

Things to know about project management at Culture Foundry

  • We believe in collaborative environments
  • We believe in reminding our team of their ownership in the project, accountability to the client and responsibility to solve the big-picture problems
  • We believe in putting the client in the driver’s seat
  • We believe in frequent feedback loops
  • We believe in constant client involvement
  • We believe in keeping stakeholders in the room and invested throughout the entirety of relationship
  • We believe in laying strong foundations – we do not compromise in the project or client kickoff
  • We believe in transparency with our clients at all times
  • We believe that the success of our clients drives the success of Culture Foundry
  • We believe in practicing the Agile Manifesto with intention and believing in it
  • We believe in being agile about Agile
  • We believe in creating processes that are sustainable, predictable and repeatable
  • We believe in a process of measuring, learning and iterating
  • We believe in the reduction of overhead and an increase in collaboration
  • We believe everyone is an owner in our process
  • We believe in having fun and loving what we do

To apply

Email your resume and some sparkling opening repartee to [email protected]

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