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PHP is the foundational language we use to leverage the power of content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, MODX and Craft CMS. Drawing on our deep knowledge of PHP, we extend CMS functionality by building custom code, selecting the right libraries, and using the best tools to deliver higher quality content faster.

We’ve created custom integrations for Craft CMS to generate vCards and PDFs, written in blue code so we didn’t have to re-implement everything and leveraged with open source libraries to deliver greater value to customers. For another client website, we used PHP to build a Drupal module for a consumer API that both displayed and updated account information.

Some software engineers are skeptical about the potential of PHP, but we think that monitors and the ecosystem have improved greatly, giving us the ability to leverage open source projects and code bases so we can deliver to clients faster. It’s not always the right answer, but we know how to weigh the options.


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